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Liver Warning Signs & Natural Solutions

Most people think more about cleaning their toilets more than their bodies! That’s because we just don’t really know how to effectively clean our insides or organs. Here are some internal Spring-cleaning ideas that have nothing to do with scrubbing, fasting, or nasty tasting 3-day liquid concoctions, that are safe and recommended for nearly everyone.

The liver is one of the most unsung heroes and important organs in our bodies. As a naturopathic practitioner, I address the body as a whole rather than looking at “parts,” and the liver affects so many parts of overall health it can be the root problem – yet you and your doctors may be chasing something else.

In this post, I’ll share:

• The crucial functions of the Liver

• What harms the liver (beyond the obvious culprits)

• The warning signs of liver dysfunction

• Natural ways to detect liver disease and maintain optimal liver function

What Does the Liver Actually Do?

Most people realize the liver is a filter – and that’s about it. The liver is actually like a command center for an entire host of bodily functions that affect hormone balance, metabolism, energy levels, vitamin absorption and...well let’s just let this image do the talking:

The liver IS a filter in that toxins enter through the lungs, skin, and gut and all go to the liver first and then exit through the skin, kidneys, colon, and lungs. The problem is excess toxins the liver can’t process when overloaded get stored in your fat cells (producing more of them), and weaken your brain, blood, joints, tissues, and muscles. It’s a recipe for a host of issues.

Your liver detoxifies harmful substances in two steps. The first step, called Phase 1 liver detoxification, uses enzymes and oxygen to burn toxins, partially breaking them down so they're water-soluble for easier elimination. The second step called Phase 2, combines these partially processed toxins with amino acids to make them less harmful and removes them from the body through watery fluids like bile and urine.

It's extremely important that both steps are in balance to work efficiently. During Phase 1 free radicals are produced which, if excessive, can damage the liver cells. If Phase 2 is sluggish, then these partially processed toxins aren’t eliminated causing build-up in your body. These partially processed toxins are free radicals in nature, which are more damaging than the original toxins.

What Harms the Liver?

Ask anyone this question and the only concrete response will be “alcohol abuse.” The fact is, our toxic world and lifestyles are providing a daily onslaught to the liver. You can be thankful our Creator made the liver so robust that it’s the only organ that can regenerate itself!

Unfortunately, many diseases and exposures can harm the liver beyond repair including Fatty Liver Disease which you can develop even if you don’t drink alcohol. People tend to develop fatty liver if they have other conditions like obesity, diabetes, or high triglycerides. It’s estimated that 25-33% of Americans have Fatty Liver Disease and don’t even know it.

In fact, a recent 2022 study revealed that Fatty Liver is associated with a 38% higher rate of dementia.

This is exactly why I’m writing this post. Fatty Liver is preventable, and I want to show you how.

Here are some things that harm the liver. How many items are part of your daily life?

  • Coffee and energy drinks

  • Poor eating habits and nutrition

  • Consuming food grown in soil deficient in key detox minerals (that’s pretty much all of us!)

  • Alcohol intake

  • Processed foods (sugar and white flour products)

  • Infections and illnesses (acute or chronic)

  • Chronic stress

  • Smoking

  • Environmental toxins (heavy metals, and pesticides)

  • Toxic cleaning products and makeup

  • Excessive workload

  • Prescriptions and over-the-counter meds like ibuprofen

  • Overuse of antibiotics

Infectious organisms are a major cause of liver stress and inflammation too like hepatitis B & C. Any sort of chronic infection in the body such as Lyme, influenza, aflatoxin, and other mycotoxins, etc. have the ability to inflame and damage the liver. A diet high in processed foods that contain toxic additives, preservatives, pesticides, GMOs, etc. drains the liver of valuable glutathione, sulfur compounds, and methylating elements.

We all live in this toxic world even if you eat organic and drink purified water, but there is some good news and some signs to watch for.

Your Liver Distress Signals

Fatty Liver is a silent killer. You may have symptoms that lead doctors in another direction, but here are some clues that your liver is struggling:

  • Chronic Fatigue: Do you often feel tired or sluggish, even when you've had enough sleep?

  • Digestive issues: The liver produces bile, which aids in the digestion of fats. If you experience bloating, constipation, or diarrhea, it could be a sign that your liver is not producing enough bile which can lead to IBS.

  • Abdominal pain and swelling: Liver inflammation can cause pain and swelling in the upper right side of the abdomen.

  • Changes in urine and stool: Dark urine and pale stools can be a sign of liver dysfunction.

  • Jaundice: This condition occurs when the liver is unable to process bilirubin, a waste product that gives urine its yellow color. As a result, bilirubin accumulates in the blood, leading to a yellowing of the skin and eyes.

  • Acne and skin rashes

  • Allergies

  • Arthritis and Joint Pain

  • Autoimmune disorders

  • Cardiovascular disease

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Hormone Imbalance

  • Neurological Disorders

Am I suggesting that if you take care of your liver these issues will go away? Quite possibly!

Detecting and Preventing Liver Disease Naturally

How do we determine whether Fatty Liver or liver decline is causing your symptoms?

Traditional doctors use Ultrasound, blood tests and biopsies. A blood test is a good place to start but often inconclusive. The issue here is 3-fold: 1) ultrasounds can be misleading if a person is overweight and cannot show inflammation or stiffness of the liver, 2) your doctor probably won’t order any of these unless you have very serious symptoms, because 3) insurance won’t cover it unless they have reason to believe you already have liver disease.

This is why I invest so heavily in various types of scanning devices. My new Menla Pro scan, Zyto scan, and Total Thermography can determine if your liver is suffering while also checking many other organs to determine the source of your discomfort quickly and painlessly. Your issues may not be related to liver dysfunction, but if it is let’s catch it and address it now!

We would start with the Total Thermography first, then our Health Assessment to determine how to help the body with supplementation and/or therapy. Call us to book an appointment.

Now that we know the warning signs of liver dysfunction, let's explore some natural ways to prevent liver disease and maintain optimal liver function:

First, here is usually the extent of what your primary care doctor or even a specialist will advise:

· Eat a healthy diet of fresh foods (eat the rainbow!) and organic, grass-fed meats

· Limit alcohol consumption

· Exercise regularly

They may even tell you to minimize exposure to toxins (good luck), but they don’t tell you how to get rid of the toxins that are part of our daily life. Here is what I would add to their recommendations:

Far Infrared sauna sessions – Unlike typical saunas, heat from a far infrared sauna penetrates 3 inches into the body rather than surface heat. This raises body temperature deep inside the core yet feels cooler and more tolerable than the wet or dry sauna at your gym and provides a deeper level of detox. This deeper level of detoxification helps rid the body of heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, and radioactive particles through the sebaceous glands which are connected to your fat cells (helping you burn 600 calories per session!). That is where all those highly toxic and volatile chemicals hide. Unfortunately, sweating outdoors in this Louisiana heat is not the same as you’re only sweating from your sweat glands.

Here are a few benefits of Far Infrared Sauna Therapy:

  • Weight Loss

  • Detoxification

  • Blood Pressure Reduction

  • Relaxation

Book our special Far Infrared 8-session sauna package here for just $125 off through April 2023. That's $75 off our usual rate and has no expiration date! Just scroll down on the page and look for the "Spring Cleaning Sauna Special."


Prevent Disease with Liver Support Supplements

If you’re experiencing any symptoms that are listed in this blog, or you just want to take a preventative approach, here are my favorite liver health supplements you can find in our natural pharmacy. Please note for compliance reasons you must create an account first and receive my approval which usually takes no more than 24 hours. Once approved, copy and paste product names in the search bar if you'd like to purchase these items.

Cellcore’s KL Support: KL Support combines herbs and nutrients traditionally used to support kidney and liver health, including beetroot, collinsonia (stoneroot), gynostemma, marshmallow root, milk thistle seed, NAC, and parsley leaf. Together, these support fat metabolism, hepatic blood flow, and healthy urinary tract and bladder function, helping the body carry out its natural detoxification processes.

Cellcore’s Advanced Tudca: TUDCA (Tauroursodeoxycholic acid) is a water-soluble bile acid that’s naturally produced by the body and found in liver bile.

Tudca helps stimulate the release of bile into the digestive tract. This supports healthy digestion and drainage, the body’s natural detoxification processes, and the health of the liver bile duct system.

Mother Earth Lab’s Humic and Fulvic SC: Humic & Fulvic SC promotes a healthy, balanced gut microbiome while supporting every cell in the body. Even though this describes gut balance, it also aids in cellular detoxification and works perfectly with our sauna sessions. This supplement supports and encourages an easier pathway for the body to detox.

  • Promotes healthy GI bacterial balance

  • Supports cellular nutrient absorption to kickstart vital metabolic processes

  • Supports cellular detoxification, safely removing heavy metals from cells

  • Provides powerful antioxidant support, reducing cellular aging

  • Detoxes chemicals that cause leaky gut, while supporting the gut wall

In conclusion, our liver is a hard-working organ that plays a crucial role in our overall health and well-being. By being aware of the warning signs of liver dysfunction and taking steps to support our liver through natural methods, we can help prevent liver disease and maintain optimal liver function.

If you're experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned, you absolutely want to take steps to work on your liver. If you’re not experiencing symptoms, you should still work on the liver annually for about 60 days minimum using the supplements recommended as well as the infrared sauna. For more information on prevention and care please reach out to us for an appointment.

Have questions? Give us a call. Your liver will thank you!

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