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Lymphatic Flow Therapy


One Hour of Flowpresso = 7-8 Hours of Manual Bodywork!

FLOWpresso® therapy encourages the body to release toxins and promotes self-healing by reducing inflammation (one of the leading causes of chronic disease) to restore balance and enhance health. This non-invasive therapy uses compression, far infrared heat, and deep pressure to increase relaxation, and improve sleep and energy.

The lymphatic system is directly linked to our immune system and when we stimulate it we're boosting our immunity so our body can fight off the viruses or bacteria we encounter.

Flowpresso therapy is perfect for you if:

• You have breast issues, lumps or discomfort

• You feel pain or swelling from an injury

• You have arthritis, lymphedema, or chronic inflammation

• You don't or can't exercise regularly

• You have repressed emotions or high stress

This anti-aging face flow therapy will moisturize, firm, and tone dry and sun-damaged skin with visible signs of aging. We use gentle techniques on the face, neck and decollete combined with the cleanest, purest ingredients of White Algae, White Wine, White Tea, and Copper Peptides blended with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Probiotics, and an intense marine-based oxygen serum to give the skin a superior boost. This is an "add-on" treatment and cannot be purchased separately. 

Flow & Glow is perfect if you want to visibly smooth fine lines, release facial tension, stimulate collagen production, and deeply hydrate your skin. 

Try the "Flow & Glow" Add On

The Magic Touch

What makes our therapy unique is that while the Flowpresso is working, our therapist Lila gently manipulates the breast, chest area, axillia, and neck region manually with the finishing touch for the head/brain – and now you can add the anti-aging face treatment as well. Talk about relaxing!

Lila will also use a special laser to break up scar tissue which helps eliminate pain in the breast area, neck, and sinuses, or anywhere you direct her for relief. 

That's why we call this "Flow Therapy PLUS" !

"Lila became a FLOWpresso therapist after experiencing amazing benefits from this therapy. She is a caring, emphatic healer and we're so lucky to have her! Try Flow Therapy Plus and reclaim your energy and vitality."


Dr. Karin

Our FLOWpresso therapist, Lila Adamo

What Happens at My Appointment?

This therapy is relaxing, non-invasive, and painless.


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Get started by filling out this simple one-page form and release. You can type right into the PDF and email it to us prior to your appointment or print it out and bring it with you.


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Wear long sleeves and pants for your appointment. You'll remain fully clothed while our therapist helps you into the suit. Your feet, legs, abdomen, and arms will be enclosed as you lay comfortably on the table and the therapist sets the pressure and heat settings.


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22 different chambers will inflate with air, creating a squeezing sensation that should feel like pressure similar to a hug, with no discomfort. Far Infrared heat spreads through the garment pieces penetrating deep within the body to increase blood flow.


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The therapist will make sure the settings are comfortable and personalized for your experience and provide an eye mask to reduce distractions while allowing you to let go of the daily grind. The session will last about 45 minutes.


While we love our technology, human touch is so important. To relieve pain our therapist, Lila, massages the breast or chest area if needed, the lymph nodes, and the head. She also uses a crystal laser to break up scar tissue on any exposed area. Finally, she applies an anti-inflammatory cream with essential oils and a special rose oil for opening the heart chakra.



We want to help make you look as good as you'll feel after detoxing. Flow & Glow revitalizes the skin on your face by releasing blocks and tension to aid circulation. And who doesn't want to look a little younger? Sign me up!  

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