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Custom Remedies


Real Medicine Without Side Effects

Our Bio-energetic testing will tell us exactly what your body needs and the strength that you can tolerate. While we carry an entire line of pre-made natural supplements and bio-identical hormones, we custom blend tinctures to create formulas that are tailor-made for you. These remedies can address gut issues and hormone imbalance, help support the immune system, and aid general well-being.

Everyone leaves with a specially formulated Bach Flower remedy to help with emotions that have either been suppressed for years or current emotions that can keep your physical body from healing.

We recommend this to all our clients! We all need a little help.

Patient care specialist showing natural pharmacy
As a college student, the stress became overbearing, but then the death of my dad took me to another level. I was given a custom Bach remedy which really helped me work through the anger I was feeling. 


Nielsen Chao

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