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Fscan & Light Therapy



One Therapy That Can Do So Much!

Light therapy has been studied and used by NASA since the 1950's with amazing results but the most powerful devices have been too expensive to gain widespread use. And frankly, The FDA and big pharma don't want you to know how safe and effective it is!

Firefly Light Therapy isn't like the popular infrared home devices you'll find on the internet. In fact, it's 10x more powerful than even the most high-powered units, uses 8 wavelengths of light (each serves its purpose), and penetrates 8 inches into the body. This means Firefly can tackle some of your most difficult issues by rapidly increasing the energy in the cells, reducing inflammation, and calming nerve tissues, while increasing serotonin, melatonin, dopamine, and more. 

Neuro-cog treatment-FireflyLightTherapy-small.jpg


Light therapy was originally developed specifically for pain. From acute pain and injuries to chronic pain, Firefly can help. The co-developer of this product is also a doctor and used before and after infrared imaging and patient feedback to continually improve the product into what it is today. Treatments are painless and take no more than 10 minutes with 3-5 treatments recommended to see results.


GUT ISSUES: parasites, bacteria, Lyme disease, auto-immunity, IBS, and more

For these issues, we start with an Fscan. In less than 2 minutes we can pinpoint the parasites, bacteria, and pathogens by name causing your discomfort. We then program the Firefly to the exact frequency that can eliminate them. Imagine the opera singer breaking the glass with the vibration created by her voice – this works in the same way literally causing the parasites to shatter so you can eliminate them naturally. Don't worry – it's also painless!

Did you know that cognitive decline is often a direct result of parasites in the gut? In other words, you may not be experiencing digestive discomfort but instead, you have fatigue, forgetfulness, and foggy thinking due to these invaders. Our Fscan device can find them and the Firefly helps zap them! The medical community is finally connecting the dots between gut health and cognitive function, yet clear solutions are not offered. We have the solution!

If you've been suffering from a serious condition like Lyme, this therapy is so powerful we take it very slowly with only 2-minute sessions to start along with supplementation and other protocols. 


This patient of Firefly co-devloper, Dr. Martin Bales, was told by conventional doctors that her array of distressing symptoms was "all in her head."  Actually, it was all in her gut! Watch the video.

Help for Tramatic Brain Injuries

Leigh Ann, A 25-year-old sought help after suffering serious effects from 5 concussions while playing competitive sports.

Help for Dementia, Alzheimer's, & Parkinson's

Dr. Len Saputo was a skeptic turned advocate who treated patients with the original photonic stimulator (which was less than half the power of the Firefly!). 

NEUROLOGICAL ISSUES: Alzheimer's, ALS, Epstein Barr, cognitive decline, diabetic neuropathy, traumatic brain injuries, stroke recovery

As you can see from the videos above, Firefly Light Therapy has shown very promising results in halting further cognitive decline and even in restoring memories, balance, and function. If you or a loved one are suffering from one of these debilitating neurological conditions there is hope and there is help! 


An incredible amount of research exists documenting the success of light therapy on our own government site (PubMed) for these kinds of issues which all fall under the "neurological dysfunction" category. While these types of concerns require the most number of treatments we'll go over all your options and determine the best course of action which is usually a multi-faceted approach.

What Happens at My Appointment?

Firefly Therapy for pain simply requires a short visit and exposing the area of concern. If you have gut or cognitive decline issues we'll do an Fscan first. Here's how it works.


fscan icon.png

The Fscan takes just 2 minutes to complete. During the scan, you'll simply sit quietly holding a metal cylinder in one hand and a finger clip will be placed on the other hand. There's no need to disrobe and it's completely painless.


fscan results icon.png

Next, we'll go over what we see and explain what is out of normal range. Then we'll program the Firefly to eliminate these pathogens or parasites and determine a recommended number of treatments. Typically 3-5 treatments are needed.

Firefly light therapy-gut-icon.png


Then, you’ll either lie down or sit in a comfortable position depending on the area that needs attention. Skin needs to be exposed (except on the head - no need for a buzz cut!) but you may need to remove an article of clothing. You'll feel a warm soothing sensation during the session which lasts a maximum of 10 minutes.


fscan icon.png

Typically patients FEEL the difference or pass a parasite and know they doing better, but often with parasites, we want to make sure they're gone so we may suggest another scan. These scans are very affordable so there is no deterrent to your assurance!


Here's what the Fscan finger clip and cylinder actually look like.

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