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Our Services


Bio-Energetic Health Assessment

This is where we always recommend starting. 


Rather than guessing what will bring your body back into balance, our assessment pinpoints possible hidden stressors such as bacteria, viruses, candida, parasites, heavy metals, chemicals, and environmental toxins. 

This may be perfect for you if:

• You're not sure where to begin

• You've been exposed to a lot of toxins

• You suspect you have candida or leaky gut

• You have mysterious undiagnosed symptoms

• You feel good and you want to stay that way

Total Thermography

One of the most in-depth assessments for your health care journey is Total Thermography. This in-depth assessment identifies areas of inflammation, stagnation, and toxic load capturing the organ and tissue responses using the Autonomic Nervous System. It highlights and prioritizes abnormalities of the tissues and organs key to disease contribution.


Infrared imaging is also included for breast health.  It's safer and much more informative than traditional or

3D mammograms. 

These actionable easy-to-read reports can be shared with your doctor or family.

This may be perfect for you if:

• You think you may have been misdiagnosed

• You're concerned about breast health

• If you are pre/post menopause

• You want an integrative perspective on a diagnosis

• You want to overcome your family genetics


Fscan for Gut Health

Recent research has shown that serious conditions like autoimmune diseases and even cognitive decline are linked to bacteria, viruses and parasites found in the gut. This affordable scan pinpoints these pathogens by name. Then, we program those readings into our Firefly Light Therapy to help eliminate them.

This may be perfect for you if:

• You have gut and bowel issues

• You have cognitive decline

• You suspect or know you have Lyme disease

• You have auto-immune symptoms

Multi-Spectral Light Therapy

We're excited to offer one of the most powerful light therapy treatments on the market – Firefly Light Therapy. Firefly uses 8 different wavelengths of light and can painlessly penetrate 8" inches into the body for fast relief by increasing energy in the cells so the body can heal on its own. 3-5 sessions are typically recommended.

This may be perfect for you if:

• You have chronic pain

• You've been injured or have wounds

• You have skin diseases (often gut related)

• You have gut or bowel issues

• You have diabetic neuropathy

• You have cognitive decline

• You have "Long Covid" symptoms

Neuro-cog treatment-FireflyLightTherapy-small.jpg

Lymphatic Flow Therapy

The Lymphatic System has no pump to keep fluid flowing! We offer a unique, non-invasive compression technology called Flowpresso that returns blood from the extremities towards the heart, and removes stagnating fluids from the tissues. This gentle technology allows us to accomplish in one hour what it would take 7-8 hours to do manually.

This may be perfect for you if:

• You have breast issues, lumps or discomfort

• You feel pain or swelling from an injury

• You have arthritis or chronic inflammation

• You don't or can't exercise regularly

• You have repressed emotions or high stress


Detox Footbath

Release stored toxins through the pores of your feet! Our machine works based on positive and negative ions produced by a slight vibration with a simple soak. You'll be amazed by the brown sludge that is released due to the heavy metals and toxins in our environment!

Everyone should do this (often!):

• Increase circulation

• Improve sleep

• Relieve arthritis and kidney issues

• Reduce fatigue

• Soothe aches and pains

Infrared Sauna

Accelerate your detox experience with our Infrared Sauna. Your skin is your largest organ and one of your most important excretory pathways, so let's get your sweat on!


Our sauna is a very soothing heat, unlike those in health clubs and spas. Your body will sweat from the sebaceous glands which are connected to your fat cells and holding on to toxins. 

Want weight loss? Burn up to 600 calories per session!

This may be perfect for you if:

• You have sinus issues and lung issues

  (bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, etc)

• You have kidney issues

• You have Rheumatoid Arthritis (#1 therapy!)

• You want to shed inches


Amp Coil Sound Therapy

AmpCoil has merged several technologies with a high-powered magnetic field to deliver customized vibrational tones to help prevent disease and spur the healing process. It helps neutralize microbes, metals and toxins, which are the main cause of autoimmune illnesses and many of society’s health problems. 

This may be perfect for you if:

• You need immunity support

• You have chronic colds and congestion

• You're recovering from Covid

• You need hormone rebalancing

• You want to enhance brain activity

custom remedy.jpg

Custom Energetic Remedies

Why take a remedy if it's not formulated just for you? Our Custom Energetic Remedies are created by your energy, for your energy, and with exactly the potency that your body needs. Now that makes sense...a remedy that only your body will work with! 

This may be perfect for you if:

• You need allergy relief

• You need sleep support

• You have unexpected food reactions

• You're feeling fear, uncertainty, or sadness 

• You have aches and pains

One of the most common questions we get is "Is any of this covered by insurance?"
Unfortunately, most health insurance companies do not cover the services we provide. However, you may want to call and verify this with your health insurance carrier based on your plan. What is usable are any health savings accounts or federal savings accounts, Flexible Spending Funds, and Health Reimbursement Accounts. There are also private insurance companies such as Metashare, Liberty Share, etc. that will cover thermography and some of the other services we offer. 

A Note About Insurance

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