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Do You Feel Out of Balance? We Can Help.

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Imagine having the vitality and energy you used to have, mental clarity, pain-free movement, and more. It really is possible! Your body is constantly changing and it CAN change for the better – even as you age. Click on the pink circles below to find a solution for your issue.

We combine our vast naturopathic knowledge with a variety of scanning devices to uncover the root causes of your symptoms and discomfort. That data helps us create a wellness plan using non-invasive technology, supplements, and custom remedies to bring you back to balance–quickly with ease. 

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Digestive Issues 

Breast Health

Lymphedema, swelling, insomnia, congestion

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Adrenal, Thyroid & Hormone Imbalances


Detoxification & Chronic Fatigue

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Acute and
Chronic Pain

Welcome to the Wellness Centre of Baton Rouge...where the only side effect is wellness.

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Let Us Be Your Wellness Partner


We Show Women How to Get Well and Live Well


You've tried this path and you know there has to be a better way.

Does this sound like you?

• You have mysterious symptoms no one can figure out
• You've been put on meds with awful side effects and you STILL feel bad

• You're in chronic pain even when just trying to do the bare minimum

• Your gut and bowels are constantly bothering you

• You tried to detox on your own and you felt nothing OR had a horrible reaction

• You have a history (or family history) of breast cancer and want to be proactive

It's not surprising considering how toxic our world is and that traditional doctors treat symptoms instead of addressing the underlying causes of disease.


It's definitely not your fault and it IS something we can reverse with natural solutions.

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Start Your Wellness Journey

Not sure where to begin? Booking a package ensures you get direct personal care from Dr. Karin for clarity and direction. Create an affordable clear path for faster results.

Save $50-$275
when you buy a package!

  • Bio-Energetic Scan and Health Assessment

  • Custom Bach Remedy

  • Frequency Gut Scan

  • 90 minute consult and reveiw of the plan of action



(Save $50)

  • Bio-Energetic Scan and Health Assessment

  • Custom Bach Remedy

  • Frequency Gut Scan

  • 4 Detox Footbath or Infrared Sauna Sessions

  • 90 minute consult and review of the plan of action

  • A follow up with Dr Karin in 60 days


(Save $75)

  • Total ThermographyAssessment including Thermal Imaging

  • Bio-Energetic Scan and Health Assessment

  • Custom Bach Remedy

  • 2 Frequency Gut Scans

  • 3 Firefly Light Therapy Sessions

  • 4 Detox Footbath or Infrared Sauna Sessions

  • 90 minute consult and review of the plan of action

  • A follow up with Dr Karin in 60 days




(Save $275)

Happy Woman

Debbie B.

After traveling abroad, I felt horrible and run down. My health assessment with Dr. Karin revealed what was going on and she gave me a protocol. Within three days I felt like a new woman. So glad she was able to help me recover so quickly...

What People Are Saying

Tony G

Tony G.

Dr. Karin is very personable and knowledgeable I would advise anyone who is going through health issues to get a naturalistic doctor on their team..

Kristie Peltier.png

Kristie P.
Certified Health Coach

I am so grateful to have found this amazing place. Just after one week of being put on supplements, I have felt more like myself than ever before., Emotionally and physically, I suffer from Interstitial Cystitis and the medical field just wasn’t cutting it after two years of missed diagnoses and treatments. Dr. Karin has done wonders and I highly recommend her.

Our Values

We Partner

We value compassionate care and making everyone feel special. 

Our clients tell us how much they appreciate the time we take to understand their unique health challenges and goals. We tailor solutions to fit your lifestyle and aim to work with your existing care team.

We Educate

We believe in wellness care – not disease care. 


Taking care of our bodies can become a full-time job when everything is out of balance. We empower you with the tools, information, and guidance to get back on track. It takes maintenance, but it should enhance your life, not diminish it. 

We Offer Hope

We address the mind, body, and Spirit with positivity for your total healing.

We also know the pain, cost, and frustration of misdiagnosis. That's why we implement technology to reveal what's really going on and address it with noninvasive, natural remedies.

We empower you with the tools, information, and guidance to get your health back on track. 


Dr. Karin Nielsen


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