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Total Thermography

"Thermography will become the standard of care for breast health

monitoring in about ten years."


-- Dr. Christiane Northrup, MD, OB/GYN internationally known author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom 



Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging or Thermography is often "compared" to other modalities such as Mammography. The fact is, Thermography cannot be compared to Mammography because they are looking at two completely different things in the body. Thermography looks at the physiological parts of the body (the tissue) and Mammography looks at the anatomical parts of the body (skeletal or structure).  Here is a comparison chart to further explain:






The first test (Regulation Thermography) involves taking two sets of temperature readings on over 100 points on your skin with our temperature sensor tool that will gently touch the skin and take the temperature readings.


Our infrared temperature sensor tool is a sophisticated medical thermometer.


  • When you arrive you will sit fully clothed for 10-15 minutes to relax and acclimate. The test is done standing.


  • Our thermographer will begin taking temperature measurements by gently touching specific locations on your face, neck and body with our temperature sensor tool.


  • Once done with the first set of temperature points taken, our thermographer will leave the room while you will undress and cool down for 10 minutes.  (You will likely feel cool and get the goose bumps.)


  • After the 10 minutes and while still undressed, our thermographer will take temperature readings at the same locations.


The second test (Thermal Imaging) will now be done while you are still undressed and the thermographer will take the digital images of the breasts. If optional images are in need (such as legs, arms, back, thyroid) they will be taken and that would conclude the screening process.


The procedure is safe, easy, and (best of all) non-toxic, painless, and informative. Neither method of evaluation will actually diagnose breast cancer, just as mammograms and MRI do not diagnose breast cancer.

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