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What is the Lymphatic System? The Lymphatic or "lymph" system is commonly known as "the garbage disposal system" of the body. It is often referred to as the "second circulatory system" andflows throughout the entire body. It is through the lymph system that toxic substances move out of the body through the bloodstream.


Why is it important for your health to maintain your Lymphatic System? When your Lymphatic System is blocked or clogged, this creates a condition of stagnation which promotes fatigue and ill health. Some of the common symptoms include breasts lumps, bumps, pain and swelling.


How does the Lymphatic System become clogged or blocked? Unlike the blood circulatory system, the Lymphatic System has no pump to keep fluid flowing. Some causes of a blocked lymph system are caused by stress, lack of exercise, improper diet and repressed communication/emotions.


At The Wellness Centre of Baton Rouge, we offer a unique, non-invasive compression technology called Flowpresso, designed to provide an overall FLOW experience. This gentle, non-invasive technology is faster than manual techniques used alone and allows the therapist to accomplish in a one-hour therapy session what would take 4-5 hours manually.


An innovative therapy to maintain a general state of health and well-being

Flowpresso therapy consists of individual air pressure pieces, that are applied to separate parts of the body, which are designed to remove excess fluids in the tissue without damaging the circulation and lymphatic pathways. 

Within the air pressure pieces are individual chambers that are inflated sequentially so that each one inflates before its predecessor has been completely deflated. Allowing the fluid to be moved upwards without any breaks consequently avoiding flowback.

Flowpresso therapy is customized to control the duration of the pressure of each chamber to suit an individual’s needs based on their condition or localized issue (i.e. swelling). With the State of the art software, we can offer therapy protocols and a data collection site to monitor change.

The option to deliver far infrared heating is also available to each individual piece. Studies demonstrate that far infrared helps enhance circulation in the skin, modulate sleep, ease pain, protect against oxidative stress, and relieve inflammation.


Flowpresso therapy acts by applying a compressive force as close as possible to the lymphatic physiological pressure, as well as how the muscle pumps inside the body. This aids the return of blood from the extremities towards the heart, along with the removal of the stagnating fluids from the tissue.

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