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I had a swollen lymph node in my left armpit. I had a lymphatic session and a detox footbath and could not believe how much it went down. This is an awesome place.


I suffer with joint discomfort and have found that a weekly detox footbath relieves my pain. So glad I found this place! Their staff is very warm and the office makes me feel at home...


After traveling abroad, I felt horrible and run down. My health assessment with Dr Karin revealed what was going on and she gave me a protocol. Within three days I felt like a new woman. So glad she was able to help me recover so quickly...


Wow, I did not realize how much information the Total Thermography provides. I was only concerned about my breasts, but with the additional information it provides, I can work on my whole body. Dr Karin does a great job going over the report too!



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The Wellness Centre of Baton Rouge

We utilize the body's innate ability to heal itself using gentle assistance.


We do this by using non-invasive therapies, bio-energetic medicine and natural supplementation with a focus on identifying and addressing the cause of illness.

Our clients feel their health improving so they can reclaim their life back.