AmpCoil is a wellness tool to help prevent disease or help the healing process. Our therapy can help neutralize microbes, metals and toxins, which are the main cause of autoimmune illnesses and many of society’s health problems. 

We Get Results. This technology has made significant advancements beyond simple biofeedback and PEMF. AmpCoil has merged several technologies with high-powered magnetic field for the delivery of customized vibrational tones. 

Sessions available:

  • Immune Support

  • Brain Enhancement

  • Pain Relief

  • Cold/Congestion

  • Relaxation

  • Custom Detox sessions

  • Wellness Redefining Post Covid

  • Hormone Rebalancing 

AmpCoil is for everyone for any reason at any time. Our sessions are a great stand alone or adjunct with other therapies. 

Sound Therapy